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Pink Visor: Xhilaration  | Unicorn Crop Top: Sophia Webster for Puma | Metallic Running Shorts: Sophia Webster for Puma | Running Shoes: Asics


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Running Tank Top: Lululemon | Running Shorts: Lululemon | Running Shoes: Asics


Outfit Details

Pink Visor: Xhilaration | Running Tank Top: Athleta | Running Shorts: Lululemon | Running Shoes: Asics | Running Arm Band: Nike

Hello Loves! My love for running inspired the "running" of Running On Rosé. I've been excited to share this post because I get so many questions about running and how I got started. Since I was in elementary school, I have always loved to run. When I run I'm in my element, I feel happy, strong and free. I love that I can run out of my front door and my legs will take me anywhere I want to go. I love that I can travel to any city, state or country and I am able to run and tour new places. Some of my best ideas have come to me while I was running. My husband and I planned our entire wedding while training for the Houston Marathon. We also hold hands as we cross every finish line because we are a team and we did it together! I'm a firm believer that running is also good for the mind. I've always said with the ups and downs of life, running has gotten me through. No matter what, I always feel better after a run.    
You all know my love for fashion! I select my running outfits the same way I select my regular outfits. I like to call myself a fashionable runner! Why shouldn't we sweat pretty? As much time as I spend pounding the pavement, I want to look my best! I'm always on the hunt for cute running clothes because I feel that I run happier when I love what I'm wearing. I will share and post about all of my running finds with y'all and please, do the same! I want to know what y'all like to wear while running and what you feel the best running in. If you come across something pink or unicorn inspired, even better!  
If you follow me on Instagram (@celerinakd), you see that I post most of my training runs on my Insta stories. I hope to motivate and inspire all of you and want to be as real as I can. I get a ton of questions regarding my training so I want to answer the ones that I get asked the most. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please know that I am not a Doctor or running expert, I just simply love to run. So please, before you start any new workout, please visit your Doctor first and make sure you're all good! 


Q. Do you run everyday?
A. I wish! No, I do not run everyday, I run 4-6 days a week. My running schedule depends on if I am training for a race, too sore, injured or simply feel burned out. YES! Even I get burned out sometimes and on those days, I will weight train or do something else at the gym, anything else. I just like to keep moving! 

Q. Do you use a pre-workout or supplements?
A. No. I mostly run on pure adrenaline. I don't like to take/drink/eat anything before a run, ever. I will sip water right before I run and during. I get nauseous if I eat or drink anything before a run. I know, I know, everyone says to drink/eat something before a run but I just can't. Every time I've ever tried, I get sick. No fun! If I am running long distance, I will carry a bottle with half water/half sports drink mixed together. On race day, I will surely sip water and sports drinks at every drink station. After a long run, I do mix a flavorless glutamine anti-catabolic and recovery agent with any sports drink. I feel less sore the next day after I drink it. 

Q. What are your favorite running shoes? 
A. Asics. Hands down. Every single time I've strayed and tried other brands, I have always regretted it and go crawling back to my beloved Asics.  I prefer the Gel Nimbus 18 because they have just the right amount of cushion and a roomy toe box. I often buy two pair at a time because I'm so afraid I won't be able to find them!

Q. Do you prefer running on a treadmill or outdoors?   
A. Both. I like to switch it up so I don't get bored and I like each for different reasons. I like running on the treadmill because I don't have to worry about any irresponsible drivers. I also like interval training on a treadmill because I can really push myself to run faster and at an incline. A couple of years ago I started taking a running class at the gym called Precision Running, I highly recommend it! I would have never pushed myself to run the speed and distance that I have in the class. I like outdoor running because I feel free like a magical unicorn. 

Q. How did you get started? 
A. Just do it! I've loved running since I was 5 years old! I just always kept it up throughout my life because I enjoy it. If you haven't ran in a while, feel anxious because all of the what-if's or have never run, just start somewhere! I tell everyone who ask me, just start by walking. Walking will turn into jogging and before you know it, you'll be running! Who cares how fast you run? If anyone has anything negative to say about someone running then shame on them! They obviously have never tried it. If I would have listened to everyone who told me I was crazy for running then I wouldn't be a runner! I have never once regretted a run. Ever! Even a bad run is better than no run! 

Now lace up your running shoes, turn on your favorite tunes and go run! Thank you for visiting and remember to always be Running on Rosé!

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