Rosé Holiday Home Tour

Merry Christmas Ornament: Amazon

Happy Holidays! Welcome to my pink Winter Wonderland! I'm excited to share my home with you all and show you how I decorated for the holidays! This is my favorite time of year and I am always so sad to take all of my decorations down but before I even think about that, let me give you a look inside.
I like to go glam for the holidays, why not? When we first moved into our home (Villa Dugat) I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate for Christmas. I envisioned a fabulous, sparkly, pink winter wonderland, so I created just that! At that time, I wasn't sure if pink was recognized as a Christmas color but I was determined to make it one.
Since then, I have added two more Christmas trees totaling 3 and I think I'm done...for now. I like to set an ambiance with my decor and I believe it should start at the entrance.



Peppermint Mug: Sur la Table

Welcome to our home! Come in, it's cold outside! Please enjoy a pink hot chocolate and make yourself cozy. We are so happy you are here to share our Christmas magic with us!

PINK Hot Chocolate Recipe 
In a sauce pan over medium heat, add milk, white chocolate chips and a few drops of vanilla extract. Once melted, add a couple drops of pink food coloring and carefully pour into your favorite mug. Add whipped topping and as many sprinkles, marshmallows, crushed peppermint or chocolate chips as you like. Enjoy!

Candle: Jo Malone Courtly Check Vase: Mackenzie Childs

Set the Ambiance 
A lovely candle, beautiful fresh flowers...these are my two must have home essentials. I must share with you that I have found the perfect holiday scent! This candle is by Jo Malone and it's called Pomegranate Noir. Every time someone walks in our home they comment on how good it smells. It smells like a glam winter day! I have always loved fresh flowers but I especially love them during the holidays because they really liven up the place. I like to put them in my favorite vases and place them all around the house. Now just add your favorite holiday tunes and you are ready to entertain!

Mr. and Mrs. Nutcracker 
Of course I had to have a pink nutcracker! Pink for me, blue for the Mr. I love bringing them out when it's time to decorate, they bring me back to my childhood. Fun Fact: In 5th grade I had the lead role as The Nutcracker in our school play. Too bad I had to wear a red uniform instead of pink!

Rustic Windowpane Mirror: Kohl's   Vintage Silver Champagne Holder: Pottery Barn

Holiday Kitchen 
I love this mirror window so much! It's a mirror that looks like a window and I place it in front of my kitchen window so I can see the reflection of my fireplace and stockings as I'm being domestic. I added a couple flocked trees and log candles so I can pretend I'm in a log cabin. I am so happy I found this vintage champagne holder. On most occasions, I have it filled with bottles of Rosé but for the holidays I filled it with glittery Christmas ornaments. Don't worry, I'll have it filled with Rosé for New Years! 

White faux fur stocking: Wayfair 

The fur stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
Of course I had to continue the glam Christmas theme into the living room. Once I saw these furry stockings I knew they were meant to be on our mantle. The kitchen, main living room and dining room are all open and connect to each other so I wanted to make sure to carry this glam look throughout this floor of the house.

Faux fur storage bin: Bed Bath and Beyond   Pink Ornaments: Bellacor

Preparing for tree #1...the PINK aka ROSÉ Christmas tree! 
I love the prep for this tree so much because I know what lies ahead when it's all said and done. The ornaments for this tree are pink, blush, gold, rose gold, hologram white and clear hologram rainbow which I like to call "unicorn". I get them all together so I can pre-plan where I am going to hang each one of them. I may be completely covered in white flock during this entire process but it is so worth it! Now grab an ornament and help me! 

White Flocked Christmas Tree: Amazon 

Here she is...Christmas Tree ROSÉ 
I love everything about this tree! To me, it's so soft, pretty and feminine. I must thank my sweet Hubby for allowing me to have this tree on our main floor. I told him before we moved in that I envisioned a tree just like this and he said ok right away. I also told him that Santa will leave him extra presents since he let me have my Rosé Christmas tree!

Another view of this Rosé Beauty! I love walking up the stairs and being welcomed by this Pink Winter Wonderland! I feel like a kid again and it's impossible not to smile.

Chandelier: Z Gallerie  Similar: Wayfair

During the day this formal living room is really bright and the 
sunshine fills the room with warmth and happiness. It's even better during the holidays when the Christmas tree reflects in the mirror.

At night, the chandelier and Christmas lights make this room feel so glam and chic. The lights from the city skyline fill the room and I feel like I'm vacationing in Paris, oui oui. On cold nights I like to turn the fireplace on and light all the candles to enhance the romantic vibes. As pretty as I like this room to look, I also like it to be just as cozy, I think Sir Bentley agrees! I also enjoy the sounds of French dinner music playing in the background and a nice glass of rosé with my love. Cheers! 


Macaron Ornaments: Neiman Marcus   Glitter Eiffel Tower Ornaments: Amazon 

Paris is ALWAYS a good idea!
Now travel with me downstairs to Paris mon amour! It's no secret how fond I am of Paris and everything Parisian inspired. I fell in love with the romance of the city and wanted to take away as much inspiration as I possibly could. The Eiffel Tower, macarons, chandeliers and fashion that dress this tree were inspired by the City of Lights. Join me in visiting tree # 2... The CHANEL Christmas tree.

I wanted this tree to speak fashion and look ever so chic! When I walk by this tree I hear it say "Bonjour Madame!"

Faux Fur Coat: (similar) Forever 21

Adding the finishing touches
I love that I can admire this chic tree all the way up the stairs and all the way down. I also like to stand at the top of the staircase and look down, I feel like I am looking at a mini version of Paris. 

Miniature Eiffel Tower: Amazon

je t'aime Paris 
Bonjour, please meet Christmas tree #2, Madame CHANEL. Of course a Paris inspired tree would not be complete without a miniature Eiffel Tower. I have heard that Santa leaves extra CHANEL bags under this tree to stay with the Parisian theme. Merci Beaucoup!

Follow me
Now if you will please follow Sir Bentley (our 6 lb. mini Pomeranian) into our final room of the tour...

Oversized Pink Cupcake Box: Etsy Teal Blue Candle Holder: Wayfair

Welcome to CANDYLAND

Sugar and spice and everything nice that's what this room is made of! I wanted this living area to feel like a bright, fun land of candy and magic! This is where we all gather for the fun and games during our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. There's always a lot of fun and laughter held in this room. 

Sweets and Sparkles 
Our nieces were the inspiration behind this theme and I told them they can have anything they want
when they are in CANDYLAND because it's magical! I decorated this tree with the biggest, pinkest, most sparkly ornaments I could possibly find. Some are old, some are new like these unicorn glitter ornaments and I love them all the same! 

Macaron Christmas Tree: Old from Home Goods Unicorn Snow Globe: West Elm 
Pink Box with Macaron Ornaments: Neiman Marcus

Macarons Anyone?
This macaron tree has been one of my favorite decorations for the past few years. I was strolling through Home Goods one day and it literally jumped into my cart. The pink box had 6 of the cutest macaron ornaments inside and I ate them! Just kidding, they are now on my tree. I guess I've always had a thing for macarons. The unicorn snow globe makes me so happy! I have loved snow globes since I was a child but a unicorn snow globe, now that's magical! 

Sugar High
This is our last and final tree #3... SWEET DREAMS. I truly feel like a kid in a candy store when I look at this Christmas tree. Ice cream, cupcakes, unicorns oh my! Which one do I eat first? Where do I start? Lucky for me, they are all ornaments but that doesn't mean I don't have candy bowls all around the room! That's right, help yourself, you know you want to! 

Cozy Slippers: UGG Pink Jogger Pants: H&M

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a nice glass of rosé to enjoy while I kick up my feet and enjoy my Pink Winter Wonderland. Thank you for visiting Villa Dugat and remember to always be Running on Rosé!

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