Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I know I sure did! I ate and drank all that I possibly could but to me that's a part of the holiday season. I like to treat myself and I am not one to turn down delicious homemade food or fancy cocktails. I have always believed that finding a good balance when doing so makes the treats that much more enjoyable. With that said, 2018 is in just a few short days and many of us set New Years Resolutions or as I like to call them Rosélutions. It's a good time to reset, adjust or modify goals we have made for ourselves. I like to set goals for myself much like a bucket list. I think it's extremely important to look forward to and enjoy what you want to accomplish! Your goals should be fun and realistic! The more realistic they are, the more attainable they are. Set goals that make you a better version of your already fabulous self! Do what will make you happy! Do something you've always wanted to do! I recall in 2010 when I made a Rosélution to myself to sign up for a half marathon and turn my love for running into a sport. I did it! I ran my first half marathon in 2010 and I'm about to run my 20th race in January 2018! I run because I enjoy it and I run races because they hold me accountable to meet my goals. I've never regret running a race, ever! Rosélutions do not have to be the hardest thing you've ever done, they should be a goal that you want to set for yourself and accomplish. It's no secret I love my rosé and coffee but instead of giving them up 100%, I select the days/times/events that I will enjoy them at. Selecting certain times I will treat myself makes reaching my goal of cutting back on my two favorite drinks, realistic and attainable.
I wanted to share some of my favorite motivational items and tips that help me become a better version of myself and encourage me to meet my New Years Rosélutions. I hope you enjoy them and can benefit from them as well! I have a feeling 2018 will be extra fabulous and these items will help cheer you on along the way!


Main Image - S'well Infrared Insulated Stainless Steel Water Glitter Bomb 16-Ounce Water Bottle

Main Image - bkr® Lip Print 16-Ounce Glass Water Bottle (Nordstrom Exclusive)Main Image - bkr® Spiked 16-Ounce Silicone Glass Water Bottle

Infrared Insulated Water Bottle: S'well  // Glitter Bomb 16 oz water bottle:
Lip Print Water Bottle: bkr // Spiked Silicone Water Bottle: bkr

I can't say it enough HYDRATE! Whether I am training for a race or not, I always make sure to drink tons of water all day to stay hydrated. H2O is not only good for hydration but it also keeps your skin looking clear and pretty. Something that seems to help me drink water all day is a cute water bottle. I take one to the gym, I keep one at work and I always have one in the car with me. There's something about seeing a fun, pink, sparkly water bottle that makes me want to keep on sipping! Drink up! 


Rosé Champagne Leggings: Goldsheep similar : Etsy // Pink PomPom Beanie: similar: H&M
Ugg Boots: Nordstrom

It's no secret how much I love a fun pair of leggings! Not only are they cute and fun, but they help get the job done! How can you not smile when you see rosé bottles or unicorns while working out? They are also fun to wear while running errands or just because. I am not opposed to wearing cute leggings with a blazer and heels either. If I wanna wear it, I wear it! Rosé all day!

Unicorn Leggings: POPRAGEOUS // Pink Fur Slides: Steve Madden

Leopard Leggings: Onzie // Star-Print Leggings: Ultracor // Black Fur Slides: UGG

Hot Pink Leggings: exact (Lululemon from a few years ago) similar: alo


Agenda Book: Louis Vuitton 

I am a firm believer in the good old fashion habit of writing things down. I find when I write things down I am staying more organized and I am holding myself accountable for my actions. I do keep notes and alerts in my phone but there is something about writing stuff down that means more to me. I write down all of the norm like events, appointments, birthdays, holidays, when Sir Bentley needs his meds and so on. I also write down when I work out, how many miles I completed, how many calories I burned, when I ate out or unhealthy, when I drank rosé and when I had Starbucks. I have done this for years and find that seeing all of my workouts and health habits written down (with a pink pen of course) make me accountable and responsible for my actions. I even total them up at the end of the week! I like to feel proud of myself and you should too! We deserve to treat ourselves but I want to make sure to stay healthy at the same time. If I have a few too many indulgences that week, I clean it up the following week. Cheers!

Main Image - Fringe Studio Get on My Level Large AgendaMain Image - I Am Very Busy 17-Month Hardcover Agenda
Main Image - kikki.K Create Your Life Plan BookMain Image - kikki.K Medium Leather Personal Planner

I Am Very Busy Agenda: // Get On My Level Agenda: Fringe Studio
Create Your Life Plan Agenda: kikki.K Create //  Blue Leather Personal Planner: kikki.K Create


Customized Sun Hat: similar Etsy // Unicorn Float: Amazon

Our skin is our body's largest organ. We need to love, nurture and invest in it! By invest I mean spend the time and energy into taking great care of it. Great products really help too! Working in the cosmetic industry for so many years has taught me to really take the time to care for my skin. A few minutes each day saves you a lot of expensive and not so gentle procedures in the future. I am a runner so naturally I run outside. I love it and I will always do it but I make sure to wear sunscreen, sunglasses and most of the time a visor. If there are two things that I swear by, it's sunscreen and retinol. I spend about 10 minutes (my husband says 30 minutes) every night cleansing and applying my products even if I'm tired. I am also a huge fan of a skin treatment called Dermaplane. Dermaplane is a treatment that is done by a sterile blade that gently exfoliates dead skin and "peach fuzz". Once the dead skin cells and "peach fuzz" are removed, you are left with fresh, vibrant skin that allows for a flawless makeup application. I swear by Dermaplane and get one every six weeks. The treatment takes about 30 minutes and most medical spas and cosmetic surgery offices perform the treatment. Now start pampering your skin and give yourself that glow you deserve!  
* I highly recommend purchasing retinol from a Dermatologist or Doctor's office to get the medical grade product strength.

  Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50Main Image - COOLA® Suncare Daydream SPF 30 Mineral Primer

AlphaRet Overnight Cream (Retinoid): Skin Better Science // Retinol Complex: SkinMedica
Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50: SkinCeuticals // Daydream Mineral Primer SPF 30: COOLA


Monthly Subscription

The Enchantment Box: Enchantment Box 

Ok, so we do all of these things all year long to look and feel our best and sometimes it can get overwhelming. I do believe in working hard and improving yourself but I also believe in treating yourself! I know it can be easy to want to reward ourselves with sweets and desserts but that can also keep us from reaching our goals. One of my favorite ways to treat myself is with something that will help me stay on track and motivate me to keep going. Let me introduce you to my new found favorite treat, The Enchantment Box! Have you ever received a box at your door that has a pink and blue cotton candy sky on it with a pink unicorn? Well I hadn't either! I have never had a cuter package delivered to me before and what's inside is even better! You know I love anything and everything that is unicorn related and this box is full of magic! Each month has a different theme and is filled with self-love encouraging vegan items and treats! The December box was called the Snow Queen and let me tell you, it lived up to it's name! You just have to subscribe and treat yo-self! Do you believe in unicorns? 

Unicorn Keychain/ Bag Charm

I'm a Unicorn Hoodie: Enchantment Box // Unicorn Keychain/ Bag Charm: Enchantment Box


Heart Shaped Sunglasses: similar Takesh J'adore // White Crop Tee: Topshop 
Pink Tutu similar: Etsy 

Last but not least...Always remember to smile! A smile is free and can make someones day, even your own. My mom always told me to smile because she said I looked so much prettier and I must say...she was right! Smile lines are the only lines I don't mind having because they tell a story, perhaps a fairy tale come true! 
Thank you so much for visiting and good luck with your New Years Rosélutions! Have a magical day and remember to always be Running on Rosé!

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