Ruffles and Bows

Photography: Kayla Mills 

Outfit Details:

Blue Aviators: (exact) Ray-Ban (similar) Urban Outfitters // Blue Ruffle Sweater: On Sale! H&M // White Skinny Jeans: On Sale! 7 For All Mankind (similar) Express // Grey Thigh High Boots: (similar) ASOS // Pink Quilted Handbag: (similar) Rebecca Minkoff (similar) Gucci // Pink Gloves with Bow: Ted Baker // Eyeshadow Palette: Lorac // Pink Lipstick: MAC (Color: Snob)

Hello loves! I am really enjoying this cold winter we are having here in Houston. Well, that is when I'm not running outside! I have been able to wear so many of my fav winter clothes and actually buy more this year. Usually, our winters are very short and not so cold. When I was younger I didn't love winter clothes because I felt like I looked like Ralphie's little brother from The Christmas Story movie! I was always so bundled up and could hardly breathe! Forget about looking cute! It wasn't until I was older that I learned how to make winter wear fashionable. I have mentioned this before but I love to play up my winter wardrobe with accessories because I can get many uses out of them. I have always loved pastels in the winter because they can brighten the day and make it feel happier! I've also learned the art of layering. I call it an art because it's easy to add layers, yes, but not as easy to add layers and not appear too "layered". I like to keep my layering very tailored and neat. I always wear a nude colored tank (the same color as my skin) under my sweaters to keep me warm and hide my bra lines.

If it were colder day I would have added a pink scarf and pink coat to this look, of course! As you all know, I'm a pink loving gal. If I purchase something in another color, like this powder blue ruffle sweater, I always make sure that I can wear it with pink. Ruffles and bows always seem to catch my eye because they are both so feminine and pretty. I also like to wear white in the winter, always have. To me, "summer whites" turn into "winter whites" once it gets cold. I tried blue denim on with this outfit and wasn't loving it, I put on my "winter white" jeans and loved it! I like to play dress up with my own clothes. I have had these jeans for a couple of years and like them more now than I did before. Funny how that works huh? My husband tells me to "go shop in your closet" when I say I don't have anything to wear and I haven't told him yet but he's right! I really can. That doesn't mean I will stop shopping though! I'm just smarter about it like with these pink accessories I am wearing above. I splurge on pink pieces that will be in my closet for a really long time. I am confident when purchasing pink items because that has been my favorite color since I was a little girl and I don't see that ever changing! I love these girly pink gloves mostly because of the bow. I wear them when I am driving too and my steering wheel immediately becomes so pink and pretty. I have never laid eyes on a pink handbag that I didn't love. This pink bag is my favorite by far! Her name is Pinkalicious (yes I name my bags) and I carry her all year round. I wear this bag as if it is a neutral color and it goes with so much more than I had anticipated. Even if it didn't, I would still wear it anyway!

Now that I appreciate winter fashion a whole lot more, I have some shopping to my closet that is! Today I am on the hunt for ruffles, bows and anything PINK! Stay layered, stay warm, stay chic and remember to always be Running On Rosé!

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