RUNNING ON ROSÉ Marathon Recap

Hello everyone! Have you ever ran a marathon? Have you ever wanted to run a marathon? Would you like to run one right from where you are seated? Let's go! Whether you really run or are having fun and just Running on Rosé, I can give you a play by play of what running a marathon is really like. Now remember, I am not a professional runner or even a fast runner, I am simply a pink-loving fun runner! I run simply because I enjoy it and it's my favorite form of exercise and my natural stress reliever. I have been excited to share my Chevron Houston Marathon (26.2 miles) experience with you all! I had been training since September and can't believe I crossed that finish line a week ago! Although I could not walk regularly until yesterday, I am still on my runner's high and so happy that we did it! Knowing that I set this goal for myself over a year ago and completed it makes me feel very proud and thankful for my health. This marathon was my 20th race and 2nd full marathon to date. I prefer running half marathons because my body recovers so much faster but after so many, I was longing for another challenge. My last full marathon was the 2015 Chevron Houston Marathon. No matter how much running I have done, this was still tough and a challenge. I want to be completely honest with this post and hope to inspire and encourage you to run a marathon if it's something you have really wanted to do. If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I thought I would run a marathon, I would have told you "NO"! I only ran back then for exercise. It wasn't until 2010 that I turned my love for running into a sport. Fast forward to 2018 and even I can't believe I've ran 20 races! My love for running started at 5 years old. I'm serious! I remember my mom would dress me in dresses for kindergarten and I always made sure I was wearing shoes that I could run in. Running track was my absolute favorite back then and was until I was a senior in high school. When I was a cheerleader, I could not wait to run track when our exercise called for it! I also remember when I was going through typical high school stress I would lace up my running shoes and head out for a run. I always felt better after and still do to this day. I swear that running is my natural cure all. One time my husband and I (who is my running partner) went out for a run on a beautiful day. We run from our house so we do not have a car to get back home, we have to run back home. Everything was great, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous Houston day. All of a sudden, a roar of thunder rolled through and huge rain drops were beating down on us! I initially got upset because I had no where to go, my sunscreen was rolling into my eyes and I was cold! We ran for cover under a huge tree and embraced in a tight hug because my husband could see I was shivering. In that moment, we busted out in laughter! You know that silent laughter where your face is stuck and no sound is coming out? THAT kind of laughter! We laughed so hard we cried! I had told my husband once, long before that run, that one of my biggest running fears was to get caught in the rain. Well that day turned out to be one of my best memories to date!

So now are you ready to run a marathon? Lets go!



 We got our bib numbers! DUGAT 1 (my Hubby) DUGAT 2 (me) 
My Hubby always surprises me with the name he puts on our bibs. I don't see it until we pick them up! 

I got to meet my runner idol! I have been following Amanda Cruise (@run2pr) and her running journey for a long time and was so excited to meet her! She is so incredibly sweet and gave me great running tips! If you want to get motivated to run, she is one to follow! Thank you Amanda! 

I was a very happy runner girl here! I had my teammate by my side, the expo was so motivating, I got to shop and I got to meet my runner idol! It was a great day! 

Outfit Details

Beanie with fur puff: St.Raine  // Long Sleeve Running Top: Lululemon // 
Hologram Star Print Leggings: Neiman Marcus ; Shopbop ; Barneys New York //
Iridescent Rainbow Running Shoes: DSW ; Zappos 

The marathon expo is the beginning of the race weekend. The George R. Brown Convention Center in Downtown Houston is where it is located. The expo is held every year prior to the race so each runner can pick up their bib number, get their race shirt, shop and get motivated. The energy at the expo is so positive and the vibe is so energetic. For me, walking into the expo makes the marathon become real! I looked around and realized that we are all there for the same reason, to run! Runners fly in from all over the world for this event and I felt very proud to be a part of it. Talk about nerves starting to kick in! 

We walked in, got our bib numbers and did what I went to do...SHOP! Yes you heard me right, SHOP! I love shopping at the race expos because I always find cute unique running attire that I can't find anywhere else! You know I'm a firm believer in sweating pretty and dressing for success so of course I had to purchase some necessities. I have this sixth shopping sense and it drew me to this super cute shop called Sparkle Athletic. I wanted everything! It was all SO cute! My Hubby saw that look in my eye and he knew we would be there for a while. Thank you Hubby! I found some super cute rainbow unicorn compression socks and a unicorn running skirt! Can you imagine how happy I was? I am saving them to wear for the OC Half Marathon in May and I can't wait! 

My new Unicorn Rainbow Striped Compression Socks and Unicorn Running Skirt! So meant to be! 

We walked around a little more and went into some other pop up shops and then we came upon the Skechers shop which is huge! They are a big sponsor of the Chevron Houston Marathon and they are one of my favorite shops of the expo to visit. Outside of the shop was a huge wall that everyone can sign and I believe it's good luck! (You can see what I wrote on my Instagram post @celerinakd) After our "good luck wall writing" we were on our way out and Meb Keflezighi, THE Meb, (@runmeb) walked right by us! At this time he was starting to get swarmed with a crowd but it was still so awesome to see him a few feet away! I guess the Skechers wall really was good luck! 


This is at the start line! We were freezing! Our faces were frozen in a smile! It was 36 degrees and windy. It felt so much colder than 36 degrees and we were so bundled up. I had on gloves, a puffy jacket and hand warmers in my pockets. We knew our family would be at mile 6 so we had planned to hand them our coats at that time. 

Although I was freezing, I had to show my favorite leggings some love and the #roséallday! I wore my rosé champagne leggings for good luck and to remind myself that once I crossed that finish line, I would celebrate with my first glass of rosé for 2018! I was holding off until after the marathon so I could earn my bubbly! It was definitely motivation! I also got a lot of cheers along the way for my champagne leggings! Cheers! 

This selfie video was taken right before mile 15. You can hear I'm winded but mostly because of the cold, hence my reference of "Running on Frosé". My mouth gets dry because of the cold air so one of my little tricks is, I keep Sport Beans (I prefer the strawberry banana flavor) in the fold of my beanie. I grab one, put it on the side of my mouth and let it dissolve. I did this from mile 9 until I saw the 1/2 mile remaining mark! They not only help my energy level, they helped my electrolytes and kept my mouth/throat from feeling too dry. It's one of my favorite tips. At this point, I was still feeling great and told myself after we saw our family at Mile 15 (we knew they would be there), I would "treat myself" to my music. I say "treat myself" because I don't like to play it until I need it to help me keep going. I also enjoy hearing the crowd cheering at the Houston Marathon because I have never, ever ran a race anywhere else where there is a bigger more supportive crowd than in Houston! It really is so touching to see and hear so many strangers supporting you! Thank you to everyone who came to cheer! I can't say it enough, THANK YOU! I swear at mile 23 y'all helped me get through! 

This was right after we crossed the finish line! I couldn't believe we were finally done! You can hear the emotion in my voice. I had just finished having a good cry on my Hubby's chest and we hadn't even received our medals yet. I didn't let myself accept that we were going to make it until we were 1/2 a mile away from the finish line. At the 1/2 mile mark, the crowd and cheers become so loud and my Hubby pointed out my nieces and family in the crowd. I immediately felt choked up and realized the past 5 months of training were about to be summed up in these next few seconds. I felt proud, happy and most of all thankful. I felt thankful for my health, thankful that my mind stayed positive the entire time and thankful to my body for staying strong. I was so thankful to have supportive family and friends there, to know my Granny Girl was watching over us and to cross that finish line hand in hand with my Hubby. Talk about emotion overload! Thank goodness I was wearing sunglasses! 


We were beaming here! We had just received our medals and our finisher shirts and met up with our family. My legs were heavy and shaky but I didn't even care! I was so overjoyed from the experience and so happy to do it with my team mate!  


Can you tell how happy I was? I was so proud of that medal and felt that I earned it every step of the way! I had just finished eating a banana and drinking Gatorade so that made me happy too! 


This is by far one of the brightest, prettiest medals I have ever received! The colors remind me of a unicorn. This was my 20th race medal and my 2nd 26.2 medal and I appreciate every single one of them! This was earned! Blood, sweat and tears EARNED! These medals tell a story and are my favorite pieces of jewelry...well after my wedding ring of course! 


This sign made me smile! I found our family from this sign! My mother-in-law made them and I first saw them at mile 6 and after that, I was able to easily spot them afterward. Thank you fam for all of the love and support! 


We had to have our famous celebratory kiss! This is a remake of the post marathon kiss we shared at the 2015 Chevron Houston Marathon. That year we were dressed as a bride and groom because we were two months away from our wedding and practicing our wedding kiss! Now, we have it perfected! Muah! 

Marathon Outfit Details

Pink Beanie with fur puff: (similar) Missguided // Pink long sleeve running shirt: (exact) Lululemon ; (similar) Kohl's // Rosé Champagne Leggings: (exact) Goldsheep ; (similar) Etsy // Pink Running Shoes: Asics Gel Nimbus 18 - My FAV Running shoe EVER!


Here is a close up of the marathon finisher shirt! It's one of my favorites by far and just like the medal, the colors remind me of a unicorn. I will wear it proudly! 


After all of that running, you know I was ready to eat my favorite food! What you didn't see was the bowl of queso I devoured before my meal came out! You know I'm a firm believer in work hard and treat harder! 


Thank you for sharing my Chevron Houston Marathon journey with me! These last five months have been so special and I appreciate each and every one of y'alls love and support. Are you tired from that run? What is your post race meal going to be?  If you have any questions, please ask! I'm happy to share! Stay tuned, our next race is a special one! On February 3rd, 2018 we will run the Dallas Hot Chocolate 15k race and that is the race we got engaged at. Train hard, treat harder and remember to always be Running on Rosé

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