Seeing Stars and Rainbows

Outfit Details

Beanie with fur puff: St.Raine // Purple Mirror Sunglasses: Quay Australia // Long Sleeve Running Shirt: Lululemon // Ultracor Hologram Star Leggings: Shopbop ; Barneys New York // Holographic Rainbow Running Shoes: DSW ; NewBalance 

Hello my magical unicorn friends! I have been meaning to share this post with y'all ever since the marathon expo! I love this outfit so much and received so many questions about it so of course, like any good friend would, I am sharing all of the deets with you! Let me start by saying how thrilled I am that athleisure wear is a thing now! I remember my first date with my Hubby was to a spinning class (when I invited him, I didn't really think he'd come) and afterward he asked if I wanted to go have margaritas. I know, I know, such a contradiction! I looked at him like "are you crazy?" and he thought I was referring to the margaritas post spinning. No, of course I wanted margaritas! You better believe I ordered queso too! I looked at him like he was crazy and told him "I have never gone anywhere in my workout clothes besides the gym". His reply "well today will be your first time!" All these years later, I am SO glad I went! I felt really cute in my workout clothes that day because of course I picked out my best outfit since I knew he would be joining me. However, workout clothes or more commonly known now as athleisure wear has come such a long way! On my days off, I wear workout clothes simply because I want to! Not only are they so comfy but they are so cute! I have also been known to wear a cute pair of workout leggings with heels and a blazer! Why not? 
I love this look that is now becoming my weekend dress code, I call it Sporty Chic. I get so many questions about this look and I want all of you to be able to enjoy it for yourselves! 
I love beanies because they are so cute and can easily be thrown on when you don't feel like washing your hair! Guilty! Once I purchased my first beanie with a fur pom, it was a done deal! I must have in every color! When I saw these star leggings that have holographic colored stars on them, I felt like the universe was telling me something! I'm pretty sure it was to "buy them" because well that's what I did! These leggings also come in different colors with different color stars! Now I know y'all know my love for unicorns! All of their pretty, colorful, happiness were combined and brought together when making these running shoes! You just have to see them for yourself! They are rainbow, hologram running shoes that feel so happy on your feet. I get asked about them every time I wear them! I swear they give me magical powers and turn me into a real RUNicorn! 

Now put on your favorite leggings, tie up your magical unicorn shoes and lets go star gazing! Don't worry about washing your hair, just throw on a beanie and I'll be right over to get ya! See ya soon! Have a happy, magical day and remember to always be Running on Rosé !

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