Pink Friday

Outfit Details

Pink Friday Sweater: Express // (similar) Nordstrom // Pink Jeans (similar) J Brand // Grey Ankle Boots: (similar) Michael Kors // Pink Quilted Bag: (similar) Rebecca Minkoff // Eyeshadow Palette: Lorac // Pink Highlighter: Becca (I love this!) // Pink Matte Lipgloss: Kat Von D  Color: Armageddon  // Glitter Matte Lip Top Coat: Stila (So fun!) Color: Transcend 

Happy PINK Friday! Who's ready for the weekend? Today I am going to start this Friday the only way I know how, in PINK! If I had my way, every Friday would be a big pink party! I would dress up in my favorite pink tutu and ride my unicorn around all day! Until then, I will wear my Pink Friday sweater and find a rainbow colored staircase to enjoy! 
You all know my crazy love for pink! Pink makes me happy! When I see pink it does something to me, I automatically feel a pep in my step and a smile comes across my face. I'm a color loving gal but pink is my first love. If I had to be summed up in one word, it would be Pink or Rosé! I like to wear all colors but I feel my best when I am enveloped in a pretty shade of pink. I like all shades and will even mix and match them until my hot pink heart is content. Have you ever tried to wear something that wasn't your color and just didn't enjoy wearing it? Have you ever purchased something in another color, rather than your favorite color, because you were trying to "venture out" and regretted it the entire way home? What were we thinking? I always say if you like it and it makes you happy then wear it. Even if half your closet is filled with the same color. Guilty! I see in pink, I run in pink and I live in pink. I wouldn't have it any other way.  
I'm excited to share this pink look with you! I've been obsessed with the pink makeup products I've linked and I hope you enjoy them too! The eyeshadow palette has the prettiest pink and plum shades and looks great day or night. I'm in love with the highlighter too! It's a pinkish/gold highlighter and the case is a fun metallic lavender shade! My signature pink lips are made possible by my go-to matte pink gloss and the glitter matte top coat that I rave about all the time! You just have to apply it all and see for yourself!
Now put on your favorite pink outfit, make your lips pop with pink glitter and let's get this PINK party started! Come on over, I have the rosé ready! Have a great Friday and remember to always be Running on Rosé!

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