Mon Petite Macaron

Outfit Details: Macaron Sweater: Topshop // Lavender skirt (similar): Forever 21 // Pink Puff Earrings: St.Raine  // Pink Faux Fur Strappy Heels: Topshop  

Hello sweets! Have you ever eaten something and thought "where have you been all my life?" Well that is how I feel about macarons! I can best describe them as a pretty, petite, perfectly flavored sweet treat that melts in your mouth. They look so pretty and I love that you can enjoy a few different flavors at a time. I prefer these small bite-sized desserts because then I don't feel guilty, even if I indulge in a few. My favorite flavors are vanilla, raspberry, caramel and mint chocolate. If you haven't tried a macaron yet, you're missing out! 
Macarons hold a special place in my heart because they have been a part of many of our special moments. At our wedding we thanked each guest for joining us with pink (rose flavored) and cream colored (vanilla flavored) macarons from Macaron by Patisse here in Houston. They were perfectly packaged in a clear box with a blush pink bow wrapped around them. Fast forward to our one year wedding anniversary and I woke up to the exact same clear box with the exact same rose and vanilla macarons but this time, the blush pink bow wrapped around the box had the most beautiful pink diamond anniversary band tied to it! It was such a sweet surprise! Thank you Mi Amor. When we traveled to Paris, we made sure to take a stroll everyday to get macarons and enjoyed them with coffee for breakfast and with Rosé after dinner. One evening on our macaron stroll, it started pouring rain! We did not have an umbrella and weren't sure what to do, so we huddled up under a store front awning and ate every single macaron in the box! As soon as the rain stopped, we walked back to buy more macarons because we certainly had to have them with our coffee in the morning. That moment was such a cute, romantic part of the trip I'll never forget. When we traveled to London, we enjoyed macarons each day during tea time. I was thrilled to see that they served macarons during tea time and they paired so well with my mini sandwiches and Rosé. Cheers! For Valentines Day, my Hubby makes sure to surprise me with beautiful pink roses, pink champagne and of course, macarons! I look forward to them every year and anxiously await his presentation. This year, when I walked in from work and found the macarons my heart skipped a beat! There were 3 clear boxes with a huge heart shaped macaron in each one! The first was pink with our initials (J&C) on it, the second was white with our New Year's Eve picture (YES! A picture baked on), and the third was pink and said Running on Rosé! I was so touched by the love that he put into selecting the perfect macarons! You can see them all on my Instagram post @celerinakd! We went to a delicious dinner that evening and ended the night on a perfect note, pink champagne and macarons in our pajamas! Sir Bentley (our 6 lb. mini Pomeranian) joined in on the fun too! 
I think it's pretty safe to say I have a fond love for macarons! The memories that come along with these sweet little treats are what I love the most. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a box of macarons that I need to enjoy! If you're lucky, I just might share one with you! Have a sweet day and remember to always be Running on Rosé

My Favorite Macaron Items

1. Macaron Candle - What's better than the smell of fresh baked macarons? A deliciously scented macaron candle! Fill your favorite space with the soft sweet smell of something yummy. I like to light my candle to make my home smell like fresh macarons. I'll just pretend I'm actually baking them!

2. Macaron Lip Balm - This is the cutest lip balm I have ever seen! It smells delish and I love the way it feels on my lips. My mother in law put one in my stocking a couple of years ago and I've been hooked ever since. My favorite is the strawberry flavor and it looks so cute when you pull it out of your bag and put it on. I make sure I have it with me when I travel because I mean...who doesn't want a cute pink macaron lip balm with them at all times? 

3. Macaron Keychain - I love this little macaron keychain! I actually use mine as a bag charm and switch it from bag to gym bag, to backpack. It looks so cute on everything! There's quite a few colors and I want them all! This was one of my little souvenirs from Paris and it makes me smile every time I look at it. 

4. Macaron Ornaments - One of my most asked about items on my Christmas tree was my macaron ornaments. They are so cute and add fun pops of color to your holiday decor. These can even be used for birthday parties or a fun tablescape! I'm sharing them with you now because they sold out so fast last year! Enjoy! 

5. Macaron Coffee Mug - Now y'all know I love my coffee! What I love with my coffee is a cute mug for it to go in! How adorbs is this macaron coffee mug? I mean, the only thing I would have to remember is that the macarons on it are not edible! 

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