Rainbow Bright

Outfit Details:

Rainbow Aviators: (exact) Victoria Beckham ; (similar) Saks ; (similar at a steal) Icing // Pink Puff Earrings: St. Raine // Green Crop Top (similar): Asos // Denim Skirt (similar): Asos // Rainbow Wedge Sandals: (similar)  Forzieri ; Neiman Marcus

Are you feeling lucky? Have you found your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Well look no further, I'm here to help! I haven't found my pot of gold yet but what I have found are a few bright, rainbow, unicorn inspired items that will surely have you feeling like you hit the jackpot this St.Patty's Day! I love holidays and themes so I had to make sure to participate accordingly. I have always loved anything and everything rainbow colored or holographic. It's like an indescribable color that makes you feel magical! Why choose only one color when you can have them all? When I was a young fashionista, I wore a holographic backpack purse to school and I wish I still had it! I also had a rainbow shirt that I loved and just bought one that looks very similar. I told my Hubby that I wish I would have kept all of those things because I'm re buying them all now. It would be total vintage wear! I love to wear green for St.Patty's Day but don't get me wrong, pink is still my signature color and lucky for me it pairs so well with green! To make my holiday look more festive, I like to add a splash of rainbow to my outfit. Hopefully now I will find my pot of gold! Have a lucky St.Patty's Day and remember to always be Running on Rosé!

 My Favorite Rainbow Inspired Items

1. Athletic Shoes - I always find that working out with bright colored sneakers make me enjoy my workout that much more! How fun are these shoes?

2. Hologram Crossbody - How magical is this holographic crossbody bag? It totally gives me unicorn vibes!

3. Hologram Candle - Add a pop of rainbow glam to your home with this magical holographic candle! It's so beautiful and it smells so good! You must smell for yourself!

4. Lucky Rainbow T-shirt - Feeling Lucky? How cute is this T-shirt? I can't wait to wear mine! I have a feeling I will be wearing this shirt a ton!

5. Unicorn Survival Kit - How did we ever survive prior to the Unicorn Survival Kit? Beats me! I'm sure y'all have seen me share this kit on my Insta but that's because I love it so much! It comes with a pretty lipstick, gloss, and highlighter. Now just apply and transform into that magical unicorn that you are!

6. Hologram Card Case - Pull out your cards in style! I love this card case and at only $8.00, you will too!

7. Hologram Nail Polish - Let your nails do the talking! Share some holographic glam when you wave hello or goodbye! I wore this color for almost 4 weeks because I just couldn't get enough! Sparkle on!

8. Rainbow Coffee Mug -  Now I don't know what I love more, coffee or this mug? I mean, this is the cutest way to enjoy your morning cup of joe!

9. Unicorn Water Bottle - My sweet sister-in law got me this uber cute water bottle and I love drinking out of it! I swear when I drink from it I start to sparkle! Now let's drink some unicorn water!

10. Rainbow Socks - Let's be sporty and bright! How can you not have happy feet with these fun rainbow socks? Now put them on, there's a pot of gold to run after!