My Little Pony-tail

Hello loves! I'm excited to share this post with you! Although yet simple, this is one of my most requested posts! One of the questions I get asked the most is about my running ponytail and how I care for my hair throughout all the harsh outdoor elements. Well let me start by saying that it's not easy and most of the time I had to learn by trial and error. Luckily for you, I have been through it all so you (and your precious locks) don't have to. As you all know,  I love to run. As you all can see, I have a lot of hair. What you can't feel is how heavy my ponytail is. Let me just say, long thick hair and long distance running is not exactly the best combo. However, my love for both is so strong that I am making the two a winning combination! 
Today I am going to share how I "assemble" my running ponytail and the items I use to ensure it's being as gently treated as possible.  One thing I learned the hard way is that hair and waterproof SPF 50 DO NOT mix! I always wear sunscreen to make sure my skin is protected. Well last summer, I invested in a new waterproof SPF 50 and lathered it on my back. Of course I was used to being drenched with sweat while running in the Texas heat but I wasn't use to my hair feeling hard and crunchy at the ends. I kept washing and conditioning my hair and couldn't quite figure out why it felt so hard at the ends. One day while on a run, as I was thinking about how funny my tank top tan was going to be, it dawned on me "my new waterproof SPF 50 is not washing out of my hair!" I discontinued use and my hair finally went back to normal. I switched to regular SPF and on really hot days, I wear breathable running t-shirts instead of tank tops so none of my back gets exposed. That also eliminates my hair getting stuck to the sweat and sunscreen on my back. The things we do for running! I prefer to wear a cap when I run and wear my hair in two long braids because it's a lot less heavy but when the hotter temps roll around, I have to wear it all up. I would also like to say that this super cute ponytail is not only for running! I love to wear my hair like this when I'm wearing an outfit that calls for a glam ponytail! If I want a fun rocker glam look, I will tease the top really high to give my outfit an edgy vibe. The ponytail possibilities are endless! Now, let's get this ponytail party started!

This is my hair down, as you can see, it's long and thick. I want to protect and maintain it without any breakage or damage. I linked all of my favorite hair care products at the bottom of this post. I love all of these products and they help keep my hair as shiny and healthy as can be! Now, let me take you and your precious locks from this to...

Glam Ponytail done by me! 3 simple steps below! 

4 Simple Items Needed 

I like to start by having my hair items ready. I have loved and used this Sebastian Extra Hold Hairspray for quite a few years now. I love that it holds my hair without making it feel hard and crunchy. I wear it everyday and even spray it on my curls/waves! It holds and volumizes without weighing my hair down or leaving a white flaky residue. You can brush through it too! I like this Fine Bristle Teasing Brush because it really brushes my hair back evenly without leaving any "lumps and bumps" in my hair. I personally use 3 elastic hair ties because I have so much hair and 2 do not alleviate the weight as well as 3 but if you have less hair or not as thick of hair, 2 will do the job. I use 2 regular hair ties and 1 I just discovered for extra thick hair (the black elastic) that I am absolutely loving! I wish I had these as a kid when I would bust through several different hair ties and pop them against my hands! Ouch! I also use a claw clip to hold the hair that is not going into the ponytail at the moment, in this tutorial it's the hair that I am holding up. 

First, I start by sectioning off the longest and heaviest part of my hair and putting it in a ponytail with my XL hair tie. I am holding the remaining hair up so you can see how much I have leftover but when I am assembling this 3 part ponytail on a regular day, I twist it into a bun and use a claw clip to hold it in place. I find that's the easiest way and that leftover hair doesn't get caught in the first hair tie. 

Next, I gather the middle part of my hair and leave the bangs/front layers out of the ponytail. Again, I would normally twist the leftover hair in a bun and clip it with a claw clip to keep it out of the way but today I am holding it up to show you how much hair I left out. I then use my teasing brush to smooth the hair and blend it into what will now make up the second ponytail. I use the pink hair tie to tie up the first ponytail along with the middle section of lose hair into another ponytail. (Excuse my macaron pajama pants! This is a very "real" post! I literally had my Hubby snap these photos while I had dinner cooking on the stove!)

Last, I gather my first two ponytails along with my bangs/front layers, smooth them all together with my teasing brush and tie them all together with my 3rd hair tie. That's it! All done! A super easy glam ponytail that can take you from the gym to drinks in 3 simple steps. If you want to change it up, you can tease the ponytail, curl it, add some braids whatever makes you feel like you have the cutest ponytail around. Now unleash your inner My Little Pony...tail! Have a glam day and remember to always be... Running on Rosé!