California Gurl

Hello babydolls! I'm so happy to be doing this blog post and catching up with you! I have been so busy with the move and getting settled in our new place that I haven't had much extra time. When I do have extra time, I have wanted to be outside enjoying this amaze Cali weather! Can we talk about this weather for a second? It's a runner's dream! I've had a really hard time staying indoors since we got here (as you can see from my Insta!) which means it's taking me a little longer than anticipated to unpack. I find any reason I can to be outdoors and when we are at home, we are at the pool or on the balcony. We have coffee on the balcony, dinner on the balcony, work on the balcony and Sir Bentley hangs out on the balcony and says hello to everyone that walks by. My Hubby said he "had no idea I was so outdoorsy!" I laughed when he said that because I didn't either! We always knew we wanted to live in California one day, we talked about it since we met. Now that we are finally here, I love it more than I could have ever imagined. Everything just feels so right. Moving, especially out of state can have it's stressful moments but ever since we've started this journey, I couldn't be more happy, thankful and fulfilled. Do you wanna know who is extra happy? Take one guess...Sir Bentley! He is totally a Cali dog at heart and has been enjoying the weather the most! Not only does he now get 4-5 walks a day, he gets to go pretty much everywhere with us because dogs are welcome almost everywhere we go! He is a regular at our favorite coffee shop, restaurants and as you can see, the beach! Sir Bentley has made friends everywhere! From the second we got to Newport Beach and stopped for coffee, Sir Bentley had already made friends and posed for pics. I'm such a proud fur mama! He has been by my side for 12 years and I do not plan on that changing! I wanted to share a little bit of what we've been up to this past month and I hope y'all enjoy! The Cali lifestyle suits me well! I feel like I totally belong here and my love for all things fitness, fashion and glam seem to be the norm here in Orange County. I mean I can wear all pink and ride my pink bike everywhere and it's totally acceptable! I love it!
I'm linking my 12 favorite California summer must-haves and I know they will help you feel all the Cali vibes wherever you may be! Now let's get crusin'! 

When in Cali, you def need a bright fun bike to get around! Make sure you can fit your fur baby in the basket too! I've had so much fun cruising the beach with Sir Bentley. He just sits in the basket and loves looking around while the wind blows in his hair! 

2. Bright Backpack // Exact: Gucci ; Cute Dupe: Topshop

All we've been doing is eating out because we are so excited to try all of the new delicious restaurants around us! This pizza place was amaze and luckily in walking distance of our new place! I love the convenience of tossing on a cute backpack and heading out the door especially because I was able to carry an extra pizza home since I was hands free! 

3. Fun Running/Walking Shoes // Exact: Asics ; Another Color ; And Another ; And One More

Y'all know my love for running. Running by the beach has taken my love for the sport to an entirely new level! If there is somewhere I can get by foot, I do it! The weather here is unreal and I feel like I could literally run all day. Fun, bright running/walking shoes are a must here in Cali so you are able to really see all there is to see. I make sure to take these shoes on any vacay I go on. P.S. These are my ABSOLUTE fav running shoe EVER!    

4. Comfy Jogger Pants // Most Similar ; More ; More More ; One More 

Ok so I love a good pair of joggers and  I'll tell ya why. Not only are they uber cute but they can be dressed up (as seen here) or dressed down with flats or espadrilles. My fav part of them all... do y'all know what I'm about to say??? You can totally eat however much you want in them and you still feel cute and comfy! Pass the guac please!   

5. Glam Shades // Exact ; Another one of my favs ; Another ; and Another 

I've shared my love for accessories with you but I don't think I've ever shared that I'm a sunglass hoarder! I love sunnies SO much and I've worn them ever since I was a baby Cel! True story, after I would bathe as a child, the first thing I would want to put on was sunglasses! Ha! I thought I was too cool. Now, I love them because they complete an outfit, protect your eyes from the sun and can hide the fact that you may or may not be wearing any eye makeup underneath them. Let them wonder dahhhlings! Anywho, I like to buy high end and low end shades just as long as they make me feel glam!

6. Glam workout leggings // Exact here ; Exact at this store too!

I have always loved fun workout wear but ever since we moved here I really like it! I guess because I love the weather and being active so I literally change out of my workout clothes into some more just to run errands in. I also walk Sir Bentley extra here so I like to make sure I'm comfy but I want to feel glam as well. I have been loving these "unicorn" leggings so much! They look like an iridescent rainbow up close!

7. Cute Practical Shorts // Exact here 

I love a cute pair of shorts that go with everything and these are them! The mid rise and belt make them so versatile. I never know where the beautiful days here will take us so I always want to be prepared. This day, a fun brunch with friends turned into having fun on a PINK boat! I felt like I had on the perfect outfit and looked the part! I paired these shorts (which also come in black) with a striped tank and espadrilles a few days later and felt like I had an entire new outfit on.

8. Bikini Love // Exact ; Luna Swim 

I think it's been pretty obvious that I love the beach! My uniform of choice is now a cute teeny bikini. There's nothing better than feeling confident in your bikini and I really believe that the right bikini can help. I am loving this bikini and linked it for ya! Happy beachin!  

9. Super Flare High Waist Jeans // Similar ; More at $78.00 One More

I've always loved watching the sunset but seeing the sun disappear into the ocean is magical! I can't even believe how beautiful it is and I will never get use to it, ever! I try to watch it every single day and I like to detour by the beach on our way to dinner so I can see it every night. I have been loving my flare jeans lately and wearing them in Cali by the beach gives me a major 70's chic vibe. They are so flattering and really go with everything. Totally Groovy! 

10. A cute Summer clutch // Here ; Great Dupe ; Another Dupe at $39.00!

It's no secret that I love my bags! A bag completes an ensemble to me. I select my outfits around the bag that I want to carry that day and this clutch was so fun to dress up! I love this little bag so much and it feels so "Summery". I switch out a bright colored makeup bag inside of it to hold all of my stuff and match my outfit since you can see it through the bag! If you've been thinking about getting this bag... GET IT! You won't regret it! 

11. A sweet handsome Husband! Just kidding. Not really. See Below! 
REALLY... The BEST denim cut-offs ever created! // Exact here ; and here ; and here  
*FYI- I went up 2 sizes from a 24 to a 26 for a  more relaxed fit. 

I swear being truly happy is the BEST look that anyone can wear and having an amazing Hubby that makes me so happy has certainly helped me look my best! I'm not sharing him, EVER (hehe!) but I am sharing another one of my favs from this pic and it's my beloved denim cut off shorts. I have raved about these shorts since last summer so y'all know I mean it when I say I love them! I wear them all the time with everything! I wear them to the pool with flip flops or to an outdoor sunset dinner with wedges. Treat yourself! Your man will love them too! 

12. Mother Nature ; Yes you heard me right. Mother Nature. 

I have noticed in this last month of living here in Newport Beach that the prettiest things around me are all FREE and created by mother nature. Literally. The sunrise, the sunset, the mountains, the ocean, the palm trees, the bays, the hills, the nice weather, the bright flowers, and the breeze that Sir Bentley loves, is all FREE! It took me to stop rushing around every second of every single day to STOP and enjoy my surroundings and I vowed to myself to never take any of it for granted EVER again. The best things in life are free and I will indulge in them everyday in every way.

Thank you for enjoying this past month of Cali living with me! I've missed you all and promise to get back on my blogging grind. Hopefully you are all enjoying your summer and can enjoy a little Cali living wherever you may be. Have a SuperCaliFragilisticExpialidocious day and remember to always be... Running on Rosé!