Hair Care 101

Hello Dolls! Did you see my first ever YouTube video? It was so fun to share my hair care routine with you and I hope you learned a thing or two. I have been asked for so long how I maintain my  signature locks so I wanted to show you alllllll the products I love! I'm linking them here for you and I want to hear what you think about them! I have tried every product under the sun and these are my staple items that I always go back to. Since we are talking hair, you def don't want to miss my next YouTube video. I am finally sharing my most asked about beauty topic, how I get my beach waves! I am showing you a step by step tutorial on how to get the prettiest "Texas turned California girl" beach waves! So pour your favorite glass of Rosé and let's get this hair care party started! Have a fabulous day and remember to always be... Running on Rosé!

These are all of the products I use in the shower:

These are the products I use post shower on wet hair:

These are the styling tools and brushes that help me achieve my desired looks:

These are the styling products I love: