Little Miss Makeup

Hello Dolls! Happy January! The beginning of 2019 has felt so crazy busy to me! Does anyone else feel this way? I have had to remind myself to stop and smell the pink roses because I definitely want to remember to live in the moment. No matter how fast life is going on around me. One thing I will be sure to always do is live my most fab PINK life! I always make time for that! I was tickled pink to hear that Benefit Cosmetics was opening a pop up shop in L.A. to share their new eyeliner! Once I saw that it was an all pink diner... I was sold! I knew I was going to L.A.! Now my poor Hubby, he didn't know he was going to L.A. (hehe) but he did! He's always such a great sport about these events and I'm sure he didn't mind being surrounded by a gaggle of beautiful blogger babes!

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Now onto all things pretty and pink! When we got to Melrose Ave. for this event I could spot the PINK cuteness from a mile away! My hot PINK heart skipped a beat as we walked up! The music was playing fun tunes, cameras were flashing like crazy and I could hear voices of some very happy Benebabes! The sign "Roller Liner Diner" greeted us along with a PINK velvet rope and PINK carpet! I was already dying inside!

The floor was hot PINK and bubblegum PINK checkered (see it in my Insta story highlights!) and there were waitresses dressed in cute retro diner outfits rolling around on skates! The menus were PINK and had makeup you could order on them! I mean I was totally in my element! I didn't know where to go first! There was even a PINK scooter that I wanted to "accidentally" ride back to the OC! Hehe!

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That was only the outside! The inside was a diner but not just any diner.  It was a makeup diner! Each diner bar seat had a vanity mirror sitting in front of it where you could try on makeup until your heart was content. My heart was so PINK and happy!

In all of my PINK experiences, I've never seen anything like this. It was beyond my PINKest dreams! I love Benefit Cosmetics and always have but this made my love for them that much more! Their new eyeliner is amaze! You just have to see for yourself! I mean if they threw an event this big to introduce it then you know it's good! Let me know how you love it! Have a GLAMtastic day and remember to always be... Running on Rose! Cheers dolls!

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