Fairy Tales Do Come True

"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew" ~ William Shakespeare 

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm feeling extra loving today and want to spread my pink love all around. I think a holiday based around love deserves to be celebrated a whole lot more. I have always been a hopeless romantic and believed in storybook romance. My favorite movie growing up was The Great Gatsby and I can still watch it over and over. I am old fashioned when it comes to romance and don't ever plan on changing that. I like my door to be held open, I love finding a surprise love letter and I like to be carried over puddles on a rainy day. Love is a beautiful thing and creates many stories. Today, I will share my love story with you...

Photography: Kayla Mills

It all started with a little girl who loved romance. She loved pink, she always felt she was a Princess and she knew one day she would find her Prince Charming. As she grew into a young woman, she fell in and out of puppy love and kissed a few frogs. She knew how love was supposed to feel and knew that she deserved to be loved the same way she loved herself. She knew that she could settle for a frog but she did not want to, a real Princess would not settle. As time went on, her love was tested and her hot pink heart went through some aches and pains. Through it all, she still believed in fairy tales and no matter what anyone told her, she knew her Prince was out there waiting for her. She continued loving herself and loving life and knew that what was meant to be, would be. She was content living her pretty pink life and still had that spot open in her hot pink heart for "the one". 
One day, she was going about her daily life and unexpectedly, out of nowhere, her Prince Charming walked into her life! Just like that, he literally walked into her life! She was at work, doing what she does best, online shopping, when all of a sudden she looked up to see the most perfect human being standing right in front of her. No words were needed, they both knew. He smiled, they locked eyes and the rest is history. He scooped her up and they rode away on a magical unicorn. 
She always knew her Prince Charming was out there and she was so glad she listened to her heart.  On March 21, 2015, she became a real Princess by marrying her Prince and he has been charming her ever since. True love exists and fairy tales DO come true. 

The End.

"I love you, and that's the beginning and end of everything." ~ F.Scott Fitzgerad

Have a loving, PINK Valentine's Day and remember to always be Running on Rosé!