Farewell Houston

Outfit Details

LA Baseball Cap: Nordstrom // Pink Backpack: Gucci ; Dupe: Michael Kors // 
Camo Leggings: Revolve // Running Shoes: New Balance

Hello everyone! It's definitely been a while since I've done a blog post but for good reason! We've been moving! So much goes into moving and I'd like to think that we are very well organized and have it all together but it's still so much work. Everyday has been busier than the day before but I have great family, friends and the best teammate by my side to make this transition as smooth as possible #teamdugat. I am definitely ready to get back into a normal routine and continue blogging about all things Running on Rosé
I'm excited to share this post with you all today! Our house is full of movers right now, it's so loud, I'm standing at the kitchen counter (all of our chairs are packed) with a coffee tin propping my laptop up! I've definitely had to get creative with what is available to us these past couple of days but I will look back and cherish these memories. Luckily, I've had venti iced vanilla lattes from Starbucks to help get me through! 
Moving to California has been a dream for us and we are so excited for this new adventure! This move has been something that we have wanted to do for a reaaalllllyyy long time. 
Ever since I was a young girl, I knew I wanted to live in California. I had never even been there but knew one day I would end up there. When I would hear songs or see movies about Cali, I always felt intrigued. I’m a Texas girl at heart and always will be but always felt like I really belonged in California. I’ll never forget when I was in 9th grade, I had on my favorite shirt which was a black tank top (probably out of dress code) and it read California across it in neon colors. Of course I styled it with what else, neon pink pleather pants! So extra! One of my friends said “Celerina you love California, you belong there”. I just laughed and thought to myself “I sure do and one day I will be there”!
Now fast forward to my grown up self. When I met my Husband not only was I lucky enough to find my soul mate, one of the first conversations we had was about moving to California! It was as if he was taking all of my thoughts and saying them out loud. I was so happy in that moment because I knew we had a dream that we were going to accomplish together. It was all so meant to be! I’m a huge believer in timing, the right timing that is. Timing is everything! Right now is that time.
We love Houston and we’re both born and raised here. We have made the best memories and Houston will always hold a special place in our hearts. Houston is where we met, were married, made our first home, made amazing friendships, literally ran all over the city for marathon training and raised our mini Pomeranian Sir Bentley. Lucky for us, both of our families are here and we will come back often to enjoy holidays, good food and southern hospitality. Home is where the heart is and for us it’s in Houston and California. This has been an exciting 3 year journey to make the decision to move but it’s a decision that we are so happy to have finally made. When my Husband and I were dating and went to visit California on our first vacation together, we were having champagne and watching the sunset and in that moment, we were discussing the dream of living in Newport Beach. It’s surreal to be sitting here typing these words and seeing our dreams together are coming true. Thank you all so much for the overflow of love and support throughout this journey! Please join us in this new adventure as we take on the west coast and continue making our dreams come true.
Ask, believe, and you shall receive! Have an amazing day and remember to always be Running on Rosé... no matter where you are!