Pink October

Outfit Details

Purple Felt Hat // Pink Moto Jacket (old but found a similar version) Another Here  // 
White Mini Ruffle Skort 1, 2 & 3 // Grey Over the Knee Boots (similar) // Rose Gold Aviators // 
My Grown-Up Glam "Halloween Bag" Here, Here and Here 

Hello dolls! Can you believe it's already October? This year has flown by but I'm ok with that because October is my favorite month! There's so many exciting things going on in October that I don't even know where to start! Here goes... first it's my birthday month! If you know me, you know I celebrate my birthday all month long. Fun Fact, my Hubby tells me "Happy Birthday" every morning starting on October 1st until my actual birthday on October 21st. It's a silly thing we started when we first began dating and it's become a fun ritual now. Second, it's Halloween which happens to be my favorite holiday! I love everything that comes along with Halloween like the costumes, candy (specifically caramel apple lollipops), scary movies, (not too scary LOL) and the change in the weather. Third, it's PINK October! Breast Cancer Awareness is the entire month of October so there's a lot of pink everywhere to help raise awareness. Many brands/companies will make their items in pink for the month of October and they will donate a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer charities or research. Buying these pink items is a great way to give back so of course I stock up! 
To celebrate my favorite color and month, I am linking my favorite pink/fall items. I hope you can enjoy a thing or two from my Pink October Must Haves.
Now it's time to cuddle up with a glass of rosé, my fav fall candle, caramel popcorn and watch Hocus Pocus on repeat. Who's with me? Have a cozy pink day and remember to always be... Running on Rosé


Pink Pom Pom Blanket - My favorite way to cuddle up and watch a fun movie. Plus this blanket looks super cute tossed across your couch or bed. Win win!

The BEST Candle EVER - Ok so this is my favorite candle EVER! When they came out with this ginormous size, you better believe I put it on my wish list! I got it from Santa last Christmas and can you believe I'm still burning it? It's not even halfway done! I know this is def a candle splurge but there's smaller sizes as well. This size is a great coffee table piece and it makes your entire home smell amaze and feel cozy. This is my perfect fall scent. I'm not really a pumpkin spice girl so this one is perfect for me. It smells so glam!

Pink Handbag - As you know, pink is my neutral. I like to wear pink handbags year round but I especially love a blush colored bag for the fall. I use it in place of a tan or nude bag to change it up. This pink bag by Tory Burch gives back by donating 20% to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. What better reason to shop?!

Cozy Glam Slippers -  Why not feel your absolute cutest when you are cozy at home? I am so in love with these slippers. I get a new pair every year at Christmas and keep them at every door in our home so I can make sure to always have them on. I keep a pair by my bed as well so I can wake up and start my day in a glam way!

Silk Pillowcase - I've shared this before and I'm sharing it again because I love it so much! Let's be real, who doesn't want to protect their skin, hair and lashes when they sleep? I love getting my beauty sleep and this silk pillowcase not only looks the part, it does the job. It's so silky and soft and I love waking up sans creases on my face and lashes on my pillow. If you don't have this pillowcase already, treat yourself! I even sneak them on my Hubby's pillow! LOL! Sharing is caring!